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I have a huge passion for video games and have worked closely with people across disciplines in game development. I do game jams every now and then.


Blackbird Interactive (October 2015) – Intern programmer
Worked on Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (scored 80 on Metacritic) published by Gearbox Software. My responsibilities included:

  • UI (Especially front-end menus)
  • Various bugfixes
  • Profiling and optimizing
  • Development of tools


Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science – Erhvervsakademi Dania

  • Learnt programming and agile methodology.
  • Head of education in the student council and helped remaking the student council constitution.
  • Designed and created a prototype for a client that was used to get funding.
  • Artificial Intelligence, object oriented programming, algorithms, testing, databases and operating systems, courses
  • Specialized in game engines.
  • Was selected to study abroad at the Centre for Digital Media.
Visiting student at a Master for Digital Media program – Centre for Digital Media

  • Lead programmer in a client project utilizing Unity3D for Android, iPad and iPhone. Integrating and used Wwise, but replaced with a custom made audio tool to better fit our needs.

Achievements and Awards

  • Game Changer Game Jam 2014 – Winner of jam with “Are We There Yet?
  • Nordic Game Jam 2014 – Honorable mention with “Synestext


VOTOL (January 2016) – Everything
An integrated development environment for Lua featuring a visual editor. VOTOL is unique by having the ability to a graph into code and code into a graph, creating a one to one relationship between the code and the graph.

  • Created a 1:1 relationship between code and a graph.
  • Created UX accessible for designers.
  • Graduated with this and got top grades.
Are We There Yet? (May 2014) – Lead programmer
An art game about a being a defenseless kid in the backseat of a car killing time, while your
parents are having a fight.

  • Developed within 26 hours to develop in Unity3D.
  • Won Game Changer Game Jam.
Anthymn Spell Composer (April 2015) – Lead programmer
A companion app for String Theory Entertainment’s game Masters of the Anthymn, which
served as a music making app as well as a combo creator for the main game.

  • Developed within 3 and half month with Unity3D.
  • Was using Audiokinetic Wwise but ended up working closely with the audio designer to
    create a basic replacement that better fitted our needs.
  • Was deployed on Android and iOS.
Synestext (February 2014) – Front-end programmer
An interactive writing tool that procedurally generates music from the way you write and the
words you use in the document.

  • Did front-end programming, word interpretation and other general stuff.
  • Developed in Unity3D.
  • Got an honorable mention (most likely due to its creative use of audio)
  • Made within 48 hour at Nordic Game Jam.
Odysseus and the Sea (May 2014) – Everything
A game about sailing using only the stars at night and the coast at day.

  • Created a day and night cycle for an unlit art style.
  • Created pseudo sailing physics mechanics that were fun to play.
  • Created everything solo in a week and released it as public domain as part of the jam.


C# (3 years), Python (1 year), SQL (1 year), HTML/CSS (5 years), C++, Lua, PHP and JavaScript

Visual Studio, SQLite, Git, Perfoce, Regex, Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, Twine, MonoDevelop, SVN and Doxygen.

APIs and Frameworks
WWise, .NET, Winforms, MonoGame, ASP.NET and RESTful services.

Photoshop, 3DS Max, WordPress Scrum and other system development methodologies.