Anthymn Spell Composer

A companion app for String Theory Entertainment’s game Maestros of the Anthymn, which served as a music making app as well as a combo creator for the main game.

The app was made by Alyssa Dunn, Helen Wang, Nicholas Zhang, Tim Fernandes and I (team RDM) for our industry project. The app was well received by our client. We used Audiokinetic Wwise for our project but ended up scrapping it as it did not suit our needs. Instead I worked closely with Nicholas (our sound artist) to create a tool that would suit his needs as well as being compatible with mobile platforms.

My Role

Lead programmer, was responsible most things, including audio and maintaining the repository.


  • Getting familiar with audio tools (Wwise)
  • Developing for mobile platforms (such as Android and iOS).
  • Working closely with a client, meeting deadlines and pivoting.